Indistinguishable – Issue 1 Cover

Issue 1 Cover

This is slightly different from the version posted over on Indistinguishable. Since I scheduled the post over there, I did a minor branding revision.

Issue #1 is titled "The Rise of Phalanx!" and Groove is on the move! We'll find out who exactly Phalanx is in the comic itself.

We're going to do some cast introductions before the comic itself starts, but a lot of this site is going to be inactive until Issue 1 starts posting. I don't have an ETA on that, as I'm only doing rough outlines until Session 6 of Indistinguishable is done.

Comic pages will debut on Patreon as they are finished, as promised, and once the entire issue is completed, it will be posted here one page per day :D

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